Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fantasy Faire Featured Shop : Mythos by Karalia Halostar

You can't miss Mythos, when visiting the Lumenaria sim at the Faire. It is the one in a bubble, at

Karalia Holostar started creating around 2009, getting his inspiration after having toured in awe the sims of Julia Hathor. After finding some tutorial by Torley Lindens on Youtube (for which he's still grateful) he started his adventure as a SL creator.

Karalia mainly specialize in buildings, landscapings and plants and he's also increasing his collection of fountains. His creations are fantasy themed, even if he defines them "weird n wonderful".

He gives me some samples of his creations and also some images of his main products, and all look charming.
The next three photos are courtesy of Karalia Holostar

Especially for the Fantasy Faire Karalia prepared two exclusive products : the amethyst rose cottage, in FL purple colors, and the candy tree.

Karalia also has a sim where his main shop resides: a lovely place, surely worth a visit, where you can recognize the feeling you get visiting his shop.

Not much time left for this year's Fantasy Faire, but there is still time and a visit to Mythos' shop is worth. And right next to Karalia's shop you can also find Pyewicket’s Myths the shop belonging to Pyewicket Tiger, Karalia's partner, who is displaying an impressive look worth a visit by itself !

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