Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some images from the Tradewinds Yacht Club Boat Builders Show

I am rather later blogging about this, since the event has closed by now, but I think it is still worth to give the people of the Tradewinds Yacht Club the due credit for being so much active in the sailing community.

the Tradewinds YC Boat Builders Show

The latest event that the YC organized was the Boat Builders Show, where many new or work in progress creations had the opportunity to be shown a a large audience.

the Tradewinds YC Boat Builders Show

The pivotal event of the show was surely the release of the opensource BWind engine by Becca Moulliez, a new sailing engine available for all to try.

the Tradewinds YC Boat Builders Show

The show has now ended. But a visit to the TYC is still worth, because these days they have on display the beautiful Schooner Ernestina, by RJ Kikuchiyo, which has already been the star of previous boat shows but it is always very nice to admire and visit, thanks to the exceptional detail of her >1600 prims (which also explains why it is so rare to see her rezzed)

the Schooner Ernestina moored at the Tradewinds Yacht Club in Dex

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