Sunday, March 14, 2010

Primtings Photo Contest

The Primtings Museum is unique in SL. It was born to explore how traditional 2D art can be directly adapted to the virtual world of Second Life by different SL artists. Primtings presents innovations in virtual world avant-garde art with each exhibit adding more than just a new 3rd dimension, but often also interactivity, and interpretations only possible in the virtual world, as envisioned by a range of master new media artists.

The Museum is currently running a photo contest, hosted by koinup, having as a subject the museum itself and the art displayed there.

In the widget above it is possible to see the list of work entered so far, with some great interpretations.

The deadline of the contest has been estended to the 21st of March, so , there is still a lot of time to visit the museum and enter the contest.

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