Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Images from the clothing fair

And so the Relay for Life Clothing Fair 2010 has ended. It has been a great event and the organizers have done an awsome jobs. The sims creators put together some impressive work for this year theme : the fashion capitals ot the word. Here are some of the images I took: Milan, Rio, London, Melbourne, Paris, New Delhi, Tokio and New York, in the order.

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Milan Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Rio de Janeiro Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - London Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Melbourne Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Paris Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - New Delhi Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Tokio Sim

RFL Clothing Fair - New York Sim

I love the fair. Despite the lag and the undeniable feeling of being overwhelmed I think it is worth to spend time there and share the experience of so many talented SL creators, both for what concerns the clothes and the sims.

And as a side note,  the following picture of mine won the 2010 Clothing Fair Photo Contest (Male)

RFL Clothing Fair Photo Contest

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