Saturday, September 19, 2009

yes .. yes .. I am still here ...

... even if I have not blogged that much.
The last couple of weeks have been busy ... I attended two weddings: a couple of dear friends who took me away from home for a few days and a relative, which was close but took some time away anyway.

In the meanwhile the Beaumont Sea is shaping in a way I like. I love the ships to be out there in full display, including the too often forgotten in the inventory, the Star of Christmas!

Lighthouse and Fleet

The only issue is that there are not enough prims forkeeping all the ships out, so I am already tempted to enlarge the sea ;)

Well .. we will see :)

Today is the International Talk like a Pirate Day and SL is celebrating it in many places, including Winterfell, with a party starting at 2 SLT. Not to forget the wonderful Radio Riel, which will be streaming pirate and seafaring music all day long on its main channel.

At 3, I will host this week's gathering of the friends of Faeria on the Star of Christmas for the usual listening to the Prairie Home Companion, a dancing oriented show this week. It will be the first event in the Beaumont Sea. I hope we won't fry the homestead :)

Now shut down the browser and join us in SL if you are reading this before 5 pm SL of Sat the 19th ;)

Have fun !

Arrrrrr !!!



AuroraSkye said...

LOLOL -- Darn =- I guess I missed the pirate talk day == still == I love how you wrote about it -- Arrrrr! LOL

I must say I MISS some of your fleet being at Mishra! They are looking nice where you have them now but I LOVED having a couple of them at Mishra too! (sniff)

Bring one back? (grins)

Wildstar said...

Some ships will always visit Mishra from time to time. Yesterday I sailed from Mishra to Turpentine and back :)
Actually I have not docked there lately because Alpha told me she had some plans for work in the Bay. I have to check about that