Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rebel Hope copied ...

I have always like Rebel Hope (I am particularly crazy about Woodshed furniture) and I was kind of shocked reading this thread.

Not sure what it is possible to do except spread the news ...

really sad


Update :
1) looks like Rebel Hope has protected her plurks so the thread linked above no longer works
2) I have been told the Lindens deleted all the copied content from SL

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Wildstar said...

more info that I found here

Wildstar said...

a nice post from Saffia :

AuroraSkye said...

It wouldn't let me read it -- and what is a "plurk"? A newer version of a "blog"?

Hugssss and waves!!

AuroraSkye said...

WOW that "more info that I found here" link worked. It is sooo upsetting about these people stealing things and passing them out. It is also really upsetting that the name of the avie passing these things out:( Aurorra ashbourne) is so similar to MY avie's name: (AuroraSkye Ashton) :-( I would NEVER do anything like this -- I just hope no one confuses us -- I sure wish they had picked a different name. Heck -- more than that= = I wish that they were not doing these things at all!


TY for the heads-up, Wild.

Wildstar said...

plurk is a kind of twitter very popular among secondlifers

I think Rebel Hope has protected her updates since Sunday so it is no longer possible to read them