Thursday, December 13, 2012

the Prim Perfect Talks at the Christmas Expo

Following a tradition spanning several major events during the SL year, Prim Perfect has once again organized a series a talks with builders and creators during the Christmas Expo at their beautiful pavillion located in the Xmas Expo 4 sim.

From Christmas Expo 2012

The talks take place at 3 and 5 pm slt and here is the agenda for the remaining days of the Expo

Thursday, December 13th3pmCallie ClineBusiness in Second LifeSaffia Widdershins
5pmDeeAnne DufauxBuilder’s Brewery and Park PlaceCinders Vale
Friday, December 14th Happy Hunting!3pmHappy Hunting! show (with an interview from the Expo, and the final episode in this season of The Blackened Mirror)
Saturday, December 15th3pmCandy Cerveau and Malkavyn EldritchStrangelingsCinders Vale
5pmMal Burns & Tara Yeats TV in the MetaverseSaffia Widdershins
Sunday, December 16th3pmHeavenly Villa & Bill KayeCentre for Business DevelopmentSaffia Widdershins
5pmAGrid Aftermath/Cytherion RevnikYumis and GamesCinders Vale
Monday, December 17th3pmHonour MacmillanBlogging Second LifeSaffia Widdershins
5pmMaxwell Graf, Kriss Lehrmann and Loz HydeMore about Mesh!Saffia Widdershins
Tuesday, December 18thSaffia3pmEdward PearseChristmas TraditionsSaffia Widdershins
Wednesday, December 19th3pmPARTY!!!DJ’d by Victor Mornington

From Christmas Expo 2012

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