Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Taking the new "Star of Winterfell" out to sea

Testing the new ship in Winterfell waters before the coming of the ice restricts navigation and then taking the ship into the Blake Sea, where I also met a sister ship

Sailing Around Winterfell 

Sailing Around Winterfell 

Sailing in the Blake Sea 

Sailing in the Blake Sea


Noodle said...

Lovely pictures there. I never sailed one of those virtual old timers. Perhaps I can persuade you to show me how it works, - one day...

Wildstar said...

thank you ! :)
Age of sails warships basically work the same as other sailships in SL (the scripts are based on Kanker Greenacre's original ones).

It is usually more difficult to turn, both in term of speed (you need a lot of speed to cross the wind and not to get stuck in iron) and steering angle.

And, of course, there is all the layer of scripts to manage the fighting part.

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