Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winds of War

There have been rumors going around in the past days about Caledon being ready to attack Mainland.
It does not make much sense to me but the news have gone around the all over the Steamlands and their is a fair amount of discussions going on.

The Lady Seneschelf has proclaimed Winterfell's neutrality, which makes me only happy, because there is a bit of mainlander in all of us ("Ich bin ein Mainlander" to rephrase a famous sentence).

In any case, since history teaches us that neutrality is guaranteed only to those who can defend it, I have recalled some ships of the High Seas Squadron back in Winterfell waters and I have started to run daily patrols to make sure that the realm is safe.

Here is an image of task force 15, composed by the Battle Star, the Hunting Star and the Exploring Star sailing just south of the Nepenthe Gate.

Task Force

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