Sunday, November 21, 2010

No RFL Clothing Fair in 2011

This morning I was having a look at the blogs I follow in Google Reader and I stumbled upon an entry from the end of october that I had not read yet. Here is the link to the original blog post : Nevar Lobo and Amethist Starosin will not organize a Clothing Fair in 2011 to concentrate on their RL.

I understand that organizing such an event can be energy consuming and that after a while one must stop the engines, and I thank deeply Nevar and Amethist for such a wonderful accomplishment over the past years.

However I cannot help but being very sad about the fair not taking place in 2011. For some reasons the RFL Clothing Fair has always been my favorite event of the SL year. It may be because it was the first RFL event I discovered, or because of the feeling of crowded sims it was possible to experience there, or even the great creative effort organizers and vendors put together in displaying fabolous sims and shops .. I do not really know, but I was always happy exploring it.

I still remember well the four sims of the 2008 fair, the first I discovered, with the 4 themed sime, the shops around the external perimeter and the memorial park in the middle. Or the nine sims of the 2009 Fair, with its pirate theme and the beautiful lagoon where the music events took place and the pirate decorated shop. Or the fantastic fair of 2010 with its theme of the Fashion Capital of the World and the 9 fantastic sims inspired by 9 fantastic cities.

An event I will deeply miss.

Thank you again Nevar and Amethist for giving the fair to us and for the accomplishments in fund raising

RFL Clothing Fair

RFL Clothing Fair

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Rio de Janeiro Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - Milan Sim

RFL Clothing Fair 2010 - London Sim

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