Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'll be back

Miss Joonie conteacted me in SL expressing concern about not having blogged in long time. She was worried I had stopped. I was surprised and amazed. The thought whether or not anybody is actually reading me has occurred to me many times. There are so many more interesting blogs out there. I thank her deeply for her concern and I want to make sure that, maybe there has been a little writer's block (and really no need for yet another comment about the Emerald debacle), but I have no intention to let the blog go.



Princess Ivory said...

I read your blog. I just don't often comment. I have the same questions about my own blog. Is anyone reading it? My stat tracker indicates they are, but people do not tend to leave comments. Maybe we all need to make more of an effort to comment on what we read; to have more of a virtual conversation and discussion.

Wildstar said...

I read many blogs. I rarely leave comments. Only if I feel something really significant to say.
I think that people who read blogs usually jump among their favorite ones and stop little to comment. That does notmean they enjoy the reading less

Anonymous said...

I get there too, eventually :)