Friday, June 18, 2010

Beautiful Memorabilia

Taken from the blog entry I wrote for the Primgraph

I was very excited when I saw that the World Steam Expo was taking place in Dearborn, Mi. Not that it meant that I was going to be able to visit, but some of my best SL friends live there and so I started pushing them to attend the event.

I had to spend some time convincing them. They are usually more Fantasy oriented than Steampunk, but I knew at least one of them liked Abney Park and after a while the excitement started to grow.
Of course I insisted that they had to get the Quest cards. It would have been great if they got Ralph’s card ! :)

In the end Alphonsus, Mykyl and Princess went to the Expo the afternoon of the Sunday, and they tell me they had a lot of fun. They walked home wearing goggles and victorian hats :)

Somehow mysteriously I was told that they had mailed me some material from the Expo. I smiled when I was told but I did not pay much more attention after that. So I was very curious a couple of days ago when I found a package in my mail.

What I found was absolutely lovely and I was delighted : the program of the events that took place at the Expo (would have been really fun to be there !), the fantastic postard of the Primgraph, a small “Visit New Babbage” Poster and the cards of Miss Prim, Ihaka, Nan and Lola !!!

Here they are, on display on my keyboard! Aren’t they wonderful ?!!! :))

The "Quest" Cards

The "Quest" Cards

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