Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"the Lesser of Two Evils"

SL has not influenced my RL reading only with the Gor saga. In the past days I also read the Lesser of Two Evils, by Zoe Whitten.

More about The Lesser of Two Evils

I originally heard Zoe's avatar, Cora Hawker reading parts of her book live in SL, in that wonderful place that is Milkwood.

That was over one year ago, and since then she is missed very much, because she had quite a talent in reading and in characterizing the voices of the several people in the story.

But her writing talent is not smaller and I have been considering getting the book and reading the full story ever since. Finally, a few weeks ago I clicked the order from Amazon and I am now very happy to have read it.

It is a great book and the characters, all portraied in different shades of grey, are believable - even if supernatural plays a big part in the story - and easy to care for. In fact, I moved the follow-up, Trail of Madness, up the ladder of the books to read, to see what happens next ;)

More about Trail of Madness

If you like misteries and a bit of horror this is a fun book to read!



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AuroraSkye said...

Interesting! TY for the review and the recommendation. :-)

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