Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April's Fool !

No .. I am not going to post a joke. I think the one starting to go aroud the blogosphere about Lindens Charging 1L for each teleport is funny (ugh!) enough :)

I am going to post about tonight's performance of the Second Life Shakespeare Company which will have a special show tonight at 5 pm SLT.

It will be a one day only show where the Company is going to multi-parody a whole bunch of things from 2008, and see if they flow with Twelfth Night–that is, this is their “Twelfth Night - Popular Culture Analogues” Edition. See greenies, Jar-Jar Bin, the twilight characters and primadonnas of politics play the Shakespeare characters.

A 100,000L$ worth koinup photographic contest is associated to the performances of the company. In particular, there a special contest category JUST FOR today’s show. In this mini-contest for this show, there’s over L$5000 worth of cash and prizes up for grabs for the winning photo

Good luck ! 


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