Monday, August 11, 2008

Travelling in SL

As I wrote in the “about me” section, I like to explore SL, either by land or by sea.
During the past week Mykyl and I spent 4 days sailing with my new boat, the “Morning Star” from my Home Port in Winterfell Ebonshire to all the way down to Lovelace, South of Caledon, circumnavigating Caledon and then back to Ebonshire. It was a great trip : I love the “Realm of the Roses” and sail its waters among so much beauty. It was also an adventure : there was a collision with a train, and a very aggressive Watch-Catfish in the Southern Waters that did not like the boat to sail in the area that was protecting :)

Despite the beauty of breathtaking regions like Winterfell and Caledon and the little adventures one can find there, there is no doubt that exploring the mainland, with all its variety and diversity can give a different kind of satisfaction.
A large portion of mainland is surely wasteland, but it is always with a great excitement when one can discover wonderful regions where residents have created beauty with much work and love.
I may write about few of such places in the future: they are definitely worth being mentioned.

A few month ago, Mykyl and Aianna and I crossed the Southern Continent, from Aurora Town in the West to Faeria, in the East, on opposite sides of the Korean Canal. It was actually our second attempt at the crossing: the first time we choose a random path and it was very frustrating because of so many forbidden areas protected by ban lines, and eventually we failed the objective when a security orb hit us and sent each of us to the respective homes just a few sims from the destination. The second time we followed a Linden Road and we were able to complete the trip.

A few weeks ago we tried a similar trip by sea, starting from a fjord in the beautiful Swiss/German Town of Sternsberg. The idea was to discover a passage to the Korean Canal and from there see where we could get into the Eastern peninsula. We discovered beautiful places along the way, but once more the experience was very frustrating, because of ban lines and security orbs. At the end we failed and had to give up on the shores of the Korean Canal. Added frustration was due to the fact that it was almost always impossible to re-rezz the boat, even in open Linden Waters, if it was returned to the L&F folder.

Of course the need for privacy is understandable, but overkilling solutions that deny the possibility to explore and go across full sims take very much away from the potential of the SL experience.

Wouldn’t be a great improvement for SL mainland if the waters were fully open and sailable and many places where it was possible to rezz boats were provided and charted ?

until the next time …


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Anonymous said...

We should not give up though - and it might be interesting to sail other continents and see if there are differences.

The experience did make me decide to enable scripting and rezzing in Faeria - I think that most of the time auto-return is all you really need to have active - and I will also try to keep a few hundred prims free so that people do not get their vehicles (aircraft probably instead of boats there) returned to them - remember when we tried to fly my hot air balloon from Nakji to Fafnir?